Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge (DE) Razorblade – 5 Blades


Product Astra Superior Platinum Double Edge (DE) Razorblades are a very high quality platinum coated steel blade. A fabulous shaving performer, it's incredibly sharp, durable razor edge provides optimum shaving comfort with a high level of shaver's satisfaction achieved. The blades are of a standard format and will fit any Double Edge Safety Razor. They come in a cardboard pack. PACKS OF 5. Made in Russia at the famous PPI factory. How to use Simply unwrap the razorblade from its 'protective paper' and then fit into your razorblade. Put the used razorblade into the spare protective paper and then dispose of in the correct manner. Recommended for All of the Double Edge (DE) razor blades we sell will fit any DE safety razor. (standard dimensions: 22 x 42.85mm) Grooming tip Frequent replacement of razor blades provides a closer shave and less chance of skin irritations and razor burn. Do not wait for the razor to drag before replacing your razor blades. However if you feel razor drag and haven't changed your blade recently, replace it immediately. Quantity 1 x Pack of 5

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